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There are many special kinds of window shapes that can make it harder to find the right window treatment. One of these is the kind of window that looks like a half-moon and that sits on top of a larger window. These are common in older homes but you can still find them in new ones, as well. Moon-shaped windows can be tough to fit with window coverings, so you will want to keep a few things in mind. Here are the options that providers of window blinds in La Mesa, CA want you to consider.

Windows with a high arch like these can benefit greatly from Roman shades. These shades not only come in lots of different options so that you can always find the best one for your home, but they also allow you to get the kind of privacy and protection from the sun that you need. They can be fitted easily to cover the arch of the window and they add lots of texture to the room. Roman shades are also very easily to get to fit exactly how you would want, even for windows that have this kind of shape.

Another option that you have for moon-shaped windows is cellular shades. Cellular shades come in lots of different sizes, shapes, and styles, so that you can get them to fit exactly as you want them to even with windows with arches. Cellular shades are well-known for offering maximum insulation and energy efficiency, which can be a concern when you have windows that are hard to fit with other kinds of window coverings.

Another choice you have is Venetian blinds. Many people have trouble picturing Venetian blinds that can be fitted to an arched window, but the fact is that lots of providers make that possible. If your widow’s arch is a standard size, this will be even easier. Venetian blinds look classic and stylish and they can protect you from the sun as well as ensuring that you have your privacy. They can add a touch of classic charm to any room and they can work just as well for older homes as for new ones. This is something that you want to consider when you start thinking about the window treatments you want for moon-shaped windows.

You do not have to stress over the kind of window coverings that would fit best for a window with an arch. Options like cellular shades, Roman shades, and Venetian blinds can help you get the exact kind of style and protection that you want. You can ensure that your home is protected from the sun and from people who may look in while maintaining a great style. If you want to learn more about these options, you can turn to a La Mesa, CA window blinds provider like us at ScotBlinds. We have years of experience helping people find the best options for their home. Give us a call right now to see what we can offer you for your property.

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