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Window Blinds Vs. Window Curtains: Which Should you Choose?

Choosing between the available window treatment options for your home can have an impact on a lot of things. ScotBlinds introduces two of the popular choices.

When talking about your preferred window blinds in San Diego, CA, for your home, you would want to make a decision based on the amount of privacy you want to have inside your home, as well as the quality of light it allows to enter. Since windows play a huge role in the general aesthetic appeal of your home, you must also consider the impact of your window treatment choice on the visuals of your area. Among the more popular choices of window treatments are window blinds and window curtains. Most of the time, homeowners feel torn on what type of window treatment they should get between blinds and curtains. Here is a quick run through of the pros and cons of each window treatment.

The Pros and Cons of Window Curtains

Before diving straight into the cleaning process, you must first collect the cleaning materials.
Traditionally, people put up window curtains as their choice of window treatment. Aside from having lots of colors and designs available that can match your home, window curtains also come in several textures and thicknesses. People often opt to use window curtains for their homes since they are energy efficient while being affordable and easy to get. If you want to create a particular mood or ambiance for your area, curtains can do the job for you. Some people even choose blackout curtains, which completely block off the light that enters your home. However, the main disadvantage of window curtains comes as, firstly, they may not be as durable and stable as blinds. Aside from this, they can be harder to clean and maintain since they are the fabric that would generally require laundry. When left uncleaned, they can be a habitat of molds, stains, and moths. Areas that have high humidity and moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, may not be suited for window curtains.

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The Pros and Cons of Window Blinds

Similar to window curtains, window blinds also come in lots of colors, designs, and different slat sizes. If you are comparing the price of window blinds with custom made curtains, window blinds can be much more affordable. The general look of window blinds may give off a cleaner and fresher vibe, especially if you are opting for a minimalist feel. In addition, window blinds are known to be more durable than curtains. Homeowners who do not have the luxury of time to clean their window coverings may want to install window blinds as they are easier to clean and maintain. However, the cons of window blinds may come in terms of completely blocking out light. Window blinds may not be the perfect choice if you want window coverings that will completely prevent and block the natural light from entering your home.

Overall, it is hard to say and conclude whether window blinds are better than window curtains or vice versa. The choice of whether you should get window curtains or window blinds in San Diego, CA, still boils down to your own preference. Consider your wants and needs for your window covering, and make a decision after taking all these into account. Give us a call whenever you are ready, so we can help you figure things out.

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