Window Shades

Types of Window Shades for Your Living Space

Window shades are an excellent option to add to your home’s window treatment. Know the types and styles of window shades you can choose from with ScotBlinds.

Choosing a type of window treatment for your home can range from window blinds, traditional curtains, window drapes, and window shades. After deciding on the window treatment type, most would require you to further choose the specific style and type of window treatment you have selected. Window shades in La Mesa, CA, are available in a variety of types, materials, and a practically unlimited spectrum of shades and designs, that you can match and customize depending on your preference. Considering the functions of window shades, such as providing homeowners with privacy, a lot of people are leaning toward window shades as their preferred window treatment option for their homes. Learn about the types of window shades you can choose from for your living space below.

Roman Shades

Steer away from the typical vertical blinds with roman shades that are designed to stack up in equally sized panels when they are lifted. Roman shades can give your living area a rather slick look when they are lowered. For years, the appearance of roman shades has been considered timeless, making them the more prominent choice among buyers who wishes to upgrade their window treatment. The lightweight material of most roman shades can help in controlling the light that passes through the living space. You can customize the fabric roman shades based on the texture, patterns, or even resistance to stain.

Roller Shades

Whether the living space you have overlooks an expansive view of greenery, the ocean, or even your simple backyard, roller shades are a go-to option. You would want your shades to be neatly rolled up at a level you prefer for you to enjoy the scenery outside your window. Roller shades are known for their efficiency and functionality as they are easy to use. If you wish to have some secluded time with your family, you can lower the shades and still have a glance at the outside, depending on the material used. Some window companies even offer cordless roller shades that may be more convenient for you.

window shades in La Mesa, CA

Balloon Curtains

Opting for a more traditional appeal that is still highly functional, balloon shades for your window treatment can complete the classic look of your home. They are made to appear soft with their soft pleats design, as well as round curves. As the name signifies, balloon shades give off a unique balloon look for your home, leaving either an elegant or a more modern atmosphere for your home. Generally, balloon window shades can serve both as functional and decorative window treatment shades.

Before choosing the type of window shades in La Mesa, CA, you must at least make a list of your priorities and preferences to help you make a decision. In addition, the size of your window must also be taken into consideration, as some window sizes may require complex customization of window shades. Selecting a decorative and chic window shade does not have to compromise the functionality of your windows. You may visit our page to learn more about window shades and other window treatments.


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