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Trendy Window Coverings for the New Year

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One of the things that you have to think about doing now that the new year has arrived is update your home’s look. This can mean redoing a lot of décor, but it can also mean getting new window coverings. New window coverings can change the entire look of a room, so you may want to think about a few options. Here are the trends that providers of window shades in San Diego, CA want you to consider for your home.

Something that lots of people are choosing is minimalism and this applies to their window coverings, too. This can mean simple shades without a lots of patterns and other modern options. If you want to go for a minimalist look, you may want to avoid curtains or Roman shades, but consider instead roller blinds or blackout shades. They can exactly the right look for a modern, minimalist style.

Energy efficiency is another trend that people are turning to. Everyone is looking to save money on their energy bill each month and window coverings can help with this. The best option, if this is something that you want, is to think about cellular shades. These kinds of shades have cells or pleats that can trap the heat, allowing your heating and cooling units to work a bit less hard to keep the house at a comfortable level. You will want to think about this option if your home gets a lot of sunlight during the summer months.

You also want to think about complementing blinds and curtains. If you want to add depth and texture to the room, this mixing of window treatments can be exactly the right option. You definitely want to think about the style that you want. If you are thinking of a more modern look, you may not want heavy curtains with the blinds. Instead, you may want to use linen or cotton ones that provide a sleek and crisp modern look.

Another trend that you may want to think about this year is colorful window treatments. Lots of people think that window treatments should be in neutral colors, but that is not the case. You can add a pop of color in your room with the right window coverings, so do think about that.

Getting a new look for the new year can be as simple as choosing new window treatments. You want to be sure to ask about the latest trends and what is becoming more fashionable. Think about colorful window treatments as well as minimalist options to enhance a modern décor. There are lots of options, so do not be afraid of thinking outside the box. If you want to know more about all of this, you can reach out to a San Diego, CA window shades provider like us at ScotBlinds. We are ready to ensure that you can find the perfect window coverings for your home, no matter what style you prefer. Give us a call right now to speak with one of our experts.

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