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Light Filtering vs. Room Darkening Window Shades: What’s the Difference?

window shades in La Mesa, CA

Most homeowners who are building the home of their dreams often prefer to have their privacy protected. One way of preserving the privacy of your home is through the right type of windows. When talking about privacy and blocking out the direct light of the sun from entering your home, you may have come across the terms light filtering, as well as room darkening. Buying your window shades in La Mesa, CA, can also put you in a situation where you will often use or hear these terms. Although these terminologies are quite similar, they still have minimal differences that can render great impact when deciding among the given options for window shades. Know the differences, similarities, and how to properly use these terminologies with our simple guide below.

Room Darkening Window Shades

As the name implies, room darkening window shades are designed to partially block out the light coming from the outside to give your room a darker effect. Unlike blackout curtains, room darkening window shades still allow a small portion of the light to pass through. People who prefer sleeping with a light on but not too bright may use this as their window treatment option. For office setup, businessmen who wish to create a nice ambiance while maintaining their privacy often choose to have room darkening curtains for their working area. Another good thing about room darkening curtains is they cost less than blackout curtains.

Light Filtering Window Shades

If we are to compare blackout curtains, room darkening window shades, and light filtering window shades, then light filtering curtains permit the most amount or portion of light into the space it is installed. Due to this, you may expect light filtering window shades to be lighter and thinner than the other two types. Often, this type of window shade is made with loosely woven fabric that allows the light to pass through. People who wish to have natural light in their homes but still want to maintain a particular level of privacy may install light filtering window shades for their living space. You may often see the light filtering window shades installed around dining rooms and living rooms or even the nursery.

window shades in La Mesa, CA

Which Window Shade Should you Choose?

Both window shades mentioned above offer a similar purpose of blocking out the light of the sun from entering your home. Their difference primarily lies in how much light they allow to pass through. If you want your room to have a darker, more solemn, and much more modern vibe, then you may want to try out room darkening window shades. However, if you wish to soften the atmosphere around your living area, choosing light filtering window shades may be better for you.

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself whether you want a darker or lighter one for your room. You have to take note that these two window shades in La Mesa, CA, offer specific levels of privacy. Try to consider the preferences you have for your window treatment. If you are eager to learn more about the different types of window treatment, you may visit our site as soon as you can.

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