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Wood vs. Vinyl Shutters: Which is Better?

Window coverings in San Diego, CA, can give you a hard time choosing between vinyl shutters or wood shutters. ScotBlinds can help you make a suitable choice.

Over time, homeowners have become interested in adding window shutters to their homes. Initially, window shutters were popular as they held houses warm and secure, and they served as protection from hurricanes and storms. Although these operational aspects of window shutters are still widely considered, most homeowners choose to add window shutters to make their homes more aesthetically pleasing. Choosing the wrong type of window covering in San Diego, CA, particularly window shutters, can be an eyesore and ruin the overall beauty of your home. Wood and vinyl window shutters are among the more popular types of shutters available in the marketplace. Before you make a choice, you must learn more about each selection to avoid any remorse in the future. Below are some of the possible edges and drawbacks of each window shutter type.

Wood Vinyl Usually Comes in a Wider Variety of Colors and Options

If you are leaning towards having your window shutters customized or have a wider range of color variation, then wood shutters must be the right choice for you. Wood shutters typically have more variations of colors, as well as customizable options, compared to vinyl ones. With the richness in their color tones, wood shutters can appear more aesthetically pleasing for your home than vinyl ones. The versatility of wood also allows homeowners to customize their window shutters based on the interior and exterior of their homes.

Vinyl Shutters can be Easier to Maintain

Maintenance is necessary to preserve the quality and functionality of your window shutters. Regularly cleaning your window will help you last their functioning and good appearance for a long time. However, wood shutters may not be able to absorb cleaning products and chemicals well, as compared to vinyl shutters. Wood shutters may require extra care when maintaining and cleaning them. Most of the time, cleaning with the use of dry cloth is the best option to avoid damaging your wood shutters over time.

Vinyl Shutters Usually Last Longer Than Wood

Although wood shutters are not necessarily fragile and much less durable than vinyl, they can become damaged and discolored due to extreme temperatures. Vinyl shutters may be the best option for your home if you consider the fluctuations in the temperature, as well as potential pest infestations in your location. In general, vinyl shutters do not demand heavy maintenance, such as getting polished or painted. Wood shutters may still be a reliable choice as long as the temperature around your home does not go extreme and harsh.

Both vinyl and wood shutters come with a list of their advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of which, the choice still lies in the priorities you have in purchasing window coverings in San Diego, CA, for your home. Choosing the most suitable window shutters for your home can contribute to the comfort and security of you and your family through the succeeding years. If you feel the need to learn more about these window shutter choices, then we are here to offer you a helping hand. Visit our website now so we can help you decide on a window shutter for your home.

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